Jose is a New York native from The Bronx. Nurtured by his parents who are both Deaf, he has been involved in the Deaf community all of his life. Jose has witnessed his parents struggle with communication access all of his life and was often utilized as an interpreter at a young age. Interpreting was not his initial career option, however circumstances has led him into the field he now enjoys and he has been interpreting and giving back to the Deaf community ever since. His continued efforts shows in his commitment to further his education in interpreting after a decade already working in the field by joining an ITP program and being apart of the June 2016 graduating class.

Jose first joined NYC Metro RID in 2014, serving as a Director at Large (DAL). After having witnessed much of struggles interpreters have faced through his time in the field, he wanted to do something about it and a conversation about the state of the interpreting profession with a colleague, lead him to Metro. Jose has worked on a few committees as a DAL, mostly focusing on the Communications end of NYC Metro RID and the developing workshops with NYC Metro RID’s Professional Development Committee.

Jose received his AA degree from Bronx Community College in Liberal Arts/ Psychology and pursued his BS in Applied Psychology in the Steinhardt School at NYU. After a year, he realized his heart wasn’t in becoming a Psychologist and delved deeper into his craft of interpreting. He entered LaGuardia Community College’s ASL-English Interpretation Program in 2014 and was nominated and voted President of NYC Metro RID in 2016.

Fun Fact: Jose is a Hip-Hop dancer, who studied the art-form, trained and performed for many years.

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