Past Secretary and Member at Large, Lydia has served on the Metro RID board since 2014. She is a proud CODA-- the only hearing person in 3 generations of Deaf family. Growing up in Chicago at a time when there were few laws enacted to accommodate the deaf and hard of hearing, she witnessed the daily struggles her family members endured. Like many CODAs, Lydia began interpreting at a young age to help provide access for her deaf parents and siblings. It was never her plan to become a professional interpreter but when she moved away from her family, she began losing her ASL fluency. It was then that she realized her life calling to serve the Deaf community, preserve her native language, and help make the hearing world more inclusive to deaf individuals.

After graduating from Phoenix College with an Associates Degree in Interpreter Preparation and a Certificate in Deaf Studies, Lydia held a staff interpreting position at the Rochester Institute of Technology for six years, working alongside some of the very best in the field. She attended RIT/NTID where she received her Bachelor's Degree in ASL English Interpretation with a minor in Psychology. She truly values the education and experience she gained in her time at NTID, as it helped her become the professional she is today. In 2012, Lydia moved to New York City to begin the next chapter of her career.

Since moving to NYC, Lydia has aligned herself with several reputable state and city agencies and has worked a number of high profile assignments. She serves as interpreter coordinator and volunteer for NYC ASL SLAM, a monthly all-inclusive event that showcases d/Deaf/HoH poetry and prose. As a blogger for the Huffington Post, Lydia writes about a variety of social, cultural, and advocacy issues surrounding the deaf community. She also provides consistently high quality ASL interpreting services and cultural competency training through her own company, LC Interpreting Services, LLC.

Fun Fact: Lydia enjoys living a holistic lifestyle. She is an all-natural kind of woman who is literally "high on life!”

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