Board of Director Positions

Serve as figurehead in representing the membership
Oversee the general business of the Chapter
Conducts Board and General Meeting
Delegates duties to the BoardAppoints committee chairs and members
Acts as a liaison to state and national organizations
Act as a liaison to various Chapter committees


Perform the duties of the President when the President is not available
Coordinate and guide work of the Committee
Ensure that each officer and committee chair is familiar with his/her duties and responsibilities
Act as a liaison to various Chapter committees


Create an agenda for each Board meeting
Keep a record of attendance at Board meetings
Record minutes for all Board and Chapter meeting
Maintain a roster of Board and committee members
Record and maintain a list of all motions passed by the Board or membership
Act as a liaison to various Chapter committees


Oversee management and dispersal of fund for organization operations
Manage banking, paypal and accounting functions
Submit an annual budget proposal to the Board
Provide regular financial reports to the Board and membership
Oversee archival record keeping and retention
Respond to and coordinate any requests for audits
File appropriate IRS reports (1099, 990, etc.)
Act as a liaison to various Chapter committees


Gather Member input to guide Board decisions.
Act as a liaison to various Chapter committees
Serve in other ways as assigned by the President and Board
There are four DAL positions on our Board.

Recently there have been various clusters of duties defined to provide a focus point for each DAL.

Communications and PR
Ensure that all Metro events, meetings and programs are well publicized to our members and the larger community
Develop and implement communications policies and procedures for Metro to include RIDBits, website, social media, etc.
Plan a strategy for communications (newsletter, website, etc)
Meeting Logistics

Plan dates, times and locations for Chapter events and Board Meetings
As necessary, coordinate food, interpreters, AV and other needs for successful meetings.

Events & Programs
Collaborate with the Board, the PDC, DIRC and other Chairs to plan the annual calendar of events
Reserve space, manage programs (professional discussions, happy hours, social events, membership, etc.
Develop and run an annual membership drive
Work closely with the Membership Chair

Collaborate with the Board and the Fundraising Committee to develop a plan for increasing Chapter revenues
Work closely with the Fundraising Chair

The Associate Representative shall represent the interests of the Associate
Members at meetings of the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
This officer shall have powers and duties as may be prescribed from time to time by the Board.

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