NYC Metro RID has a number of committees in which community members can find resources for support as well as ways to participate and give back to the Deaf community. We have many committees that can only run with the support of our members.  If you see a committee you would like to join, contact the committee chair for more information.  If there is a committee you feel we should create, let us know at

Our advertising team works hand in hand with 'Communications' in ensuring the membership and community are aware of events, workshop opportunities, and meetings hosted by NYC Metro RID or any other Deaf community organization, ally, or affiliate.

Chair: Jenna Gorman

The Bylaws Committee advises the membership of the NYC Metro RID about our governing documents and decision making about Chapter business. 

Scope of Work:

The Bylaws Committee members are charged with the following tasks:

  • To assist the membership in the oversight of the NYC Metro RID bylaws, as needed. 
  • To assist the membership in maintaining compliance with the national RID bylaws. 
  • To be an active resource in the development of or revisions to the affiliate chapter bylaws and standing rules. 
  • To collect and review all proposed and passed motions to ensure they are not in conflict with the NYC Metro RID bylaws or the national RID bylaws.

Chair: Michael Anthony

Certification Maintenance Program
NYC Metro RID is an Approved Sponsor of RID CEUs; our Certification Maintenance Program (CMP) committee oversees the administration of continuing education units (CEUs). This includes approving CEUs for NYC Metro RID-sponsored activities, such as workshops, as well as approving outside activities for members: PINRA, independent studies and academic coursework. CMP committee members are available to assist members design independent studies, determine what activities can qualify for CEUs and complete necessary paperwork. 

Types of Activities We Sponsor:

NYC Metro RID Sponsored Initiated Activities (Workshops)

Together the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and the CMP committee determine the number of CEUs to be earned in a NYC Metro RID sponsored activity. Attendees need only to sign the CEU form and list their RID number at the activity to earn CEUs. Upon completion of the event, the CMP committee will report the CEUs earned to national RID. Attendees will receive a certification of completion as proof of their attendance and the CEUs earned. For more information regarding NYC Metro RID sponsored initiated activities, see the Professional Development Committee

Participant-Initiated Non-RID Activities are educational events offered by institutions or organizations other than RID or another approved sponsor. In order to be eligible for CEUs an attendee must fill out the PINRA form, submit a flyer or brochure for the activity showing the dates, start and end times, submit appropriate payment and a separate email stating how this workshop or training applies to the field of interpreting. From there you will receive a response from the CMP committee of whether this event is eligible for CEUs or not. PINRA paperwork should be received by the CMP committee well before the activity takes place, but no less than two weeks before the event begins. CEUs cannot be granted retroactively. Upon completion of the activity, proof of attendance must be sent to the CMP committee within 14 days. Proof of attendance may be a certificate of participation or a letter signed by the instructor. Proof of payment does not constitute proof of attendance. 
  • A fee of $10.00 is due at the time of application.
  • All paperwork and payments can be submitted electronically.

Academic Coursework
College coursework qualifies for CEUs when study took place at an accredited institution and the interpreter earned a grade of C or better. CEUs may be granted retroactively, as long as the study took place within the interpreter's current CEU cycle. It is the applicant's responsibility to be sure the coursework was completed within the current CEU cycle. 

Interpreters must fill out the Academic Coursework form and submit it along with payment, proof of the institution's accreditation, a syllabus with course description and a transcript from the academic institution, showing the credits and grade earned for the class, to the CMP committee. A committee member can assist with determining whether the course qualifies for General or Professional Studies. CEUs are earned according to the following formula:
--> Schools on the semester system: 1 Credit = 1.5 CEUs
--> Schools on the quarter system: 1 Credit = 1.0 CEUs
  • A fee of $10 is due at the time of application. 
  • All paperwork and payments can be submitted electronically.

Independent Study
Interpreters who wish to design their own courses of study may earn CEUs through independent studies. 

An independent study could include reading, researching or developing materials to enhance one's skills or knowledge for interpreting work. 

The applicant can work with the CMP committee to develop specific learning objectives and to determine how learning objectives will be concretely measured. They will collaborate to determine a timeline for completion and the number of CEUs to be earned. Please note that one hour of reading or research does not necessarily equal .1 CEU. Each independent study is evaluated individually, and depending on the plan of study, two or three hours of study may merit .1 CEU. 

The applicant must fill out the appropriate paperwork and submit payment before study begins, which can be found below:

Once the independent study has been completed, all proof of learning must be sent to the CMP committee for evaluation. Once the committee is satisfied that the work has been completed, the CEUs will be approved and reported to national RID. 

  • A fee of $25 is due at the time of application. 
  • All paperwork and payments can be submitted electronically.

Chair: Andria Alefhi
Committee Members: 

For more information, click here to see national RID's website, or email the CMP committee chair at

The Committee works with the Directors at Large to communicate with our membership and the community through our Advertising, MetroNews, RIDBits, and website teams to support member engagement.

Scope of Work:

The Communications Committee have been charged with the task of:

  • Corresponding with membership and keeping members updated with the happenings of NYC Metro RID Board of Directors & Committees, via email, mail, website and social media. 
  • Update our email lists with current members in good standing. 

Chair: Kelly Moulton (Chair)
Committee Members: 
  • Jenna Gorman (Advertising)
  • Kelly Moulton (MetroNews)
  • Andy Oh (Webmaster)
Questions? Contact
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The Elections committee is responsible for scheduling, announcing, and hosting the annual board elections.  

Scope of Work:

The Elections committee have been charged with the following tasks:

  • Develops schedule, and hosts, annual elections
  • Works with the Communications Committee to engage voting members
  • Work with the Membership Committee to verify the each member's eligibility to vote with accordance set by our Bylaws.
  • Count ballots received and report results to the Board of Directors, membership and their electorate. 
Chair: Christine Quinton
Committee Members:

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Emergency Fund
NYC Metro RID cares deeply about its membership. We feel that the field of interpreting should not only be committed to our work, but each other. In keeping with this spirit, and recognizing that we are all part of a greater community, we wish to offer an Emergency Fund for our interpreter members who find themselves faced with a crisis and in need of some modest financial support. 

This committee defines Emergency as "an unexpected crisis which impinges on the interpreter's ability to meet financial obligations". This could be a sudden mental or physical illness of someone in your family (your child, partner, or yourself); or some other event which impinges on the ability to meet obligations. This is NOT an income replacement fund. This is a financial obligation assist. 

The applicant must be a Certified or Associate member of NYC Metro RID to qualify for consideration. A $1,000 annual cap per applicant has been established for this fund. 

Chair: Stephanie Feyne 
Committee Members: 
  • Lynnette Taylor
  • Janice Rimler
For more information or to make a Confidential Request, Contact 

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization's overall fundraising and, in particular, the fundraising done by the board. 

Scope of work:

The Fundraising Committee have been charged with the following tasks:

  • To work with the board to establish a fundraising plan that incorporates a series of appropriate vehicles, such as special events, direct mail, product sales, etc. 
  • To work with fundraising committee members in their efforts to raise money. 
  • To take the lead in certain types of outreach efforts. 
  • To be responsible for the involvement of all board members in fundraising. 
  • To monitor fundraising efforts to be sure that ethical practices are in place, that donors are acknowledged appropriately, and that fundraising efforts are cost-effective. 
Chair: Danielle Piccirilli 
Committee Members:
  • Christine Quinton
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Government Affairs
Our Government Affairs committee is working with local & state Deaf organizations, other interpreting organizations, members of the legal and social services communities in effort to ensure quality interpreting services and Deaf consumer empowerment. 

Scope of Work:

The Government Affairs Committee members are charged with the following tasks:

  • To lobby for policies within NYC government to support Deaf persons access to effective communication with NYC government agencies. 
  • To further interpreters interests by developing relationships with NYC government and advocacy organizations to address issues such as quality assurance in interpreting services. Deaf consumer empowerment, standard business practices in our profession and other issues as determined by Committee members. 
  • To provide information to policymakers and advocates about regulation and legislation that relate to ASL interpreting services. 
Chair: Jana Owen
Committee Members:
  • Jon Lamberton

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The Membership Committee records and keeps the NYC Metro RID membership up-to-date.

Scope of Work:

The Membership Directory Committee has been charged with the following tasks:

  • Receive and store membership applications
  • Communicate with Treasurer for member's proof of payment

Chair: Bram Weiser
Committee Members:

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The Mentorship Committee works to provide novice interpreters who are Associate Members of NYC Metro RID with the support of seasoned interpreters in a safe environment and continuing education opportunities, in effort to help develop the interpreting skills of those interpreters entering the field. 

Scope of Work:

The Mentorship Committee members have been charged with the following tasks:

  • Provide a forum for novice interpreters to share and discuss experiences in a thoughtful critical manner
  • Enable novice interpreters to practice interpreting skills and tools of self-reflection to improve their process and abilities
  • Engage with Certified Interpreters to discuss ethical scenarios and business practices and to hone skills
  • Participate in mini-workshops on specific topics related to interpreting given by Certified Interpreters

    Chair: Michael Fisher
    Committee Members:

    • Brianna Creary

    Questions? Contact

    * For Certified Interpreters if you are interested in serving as a guest mentor for one 2-hour session, please contact

    Professional Development
    The Professional Development committee works with the NYC Metro RID Board of Directors to create an educational program for all interpreters within the NYC Metro area.

    Scope of Work:

    The Professional Development Committee members are charged with the following tasks:

    • To seek out instructors and workshops that have applicability to our work as interpreters within NYC
    • To organize on both the front and back ends to host the workshop (logistics, advertising, registration, funds, etc.)
    • To communicate with members as well as the Board of Directors and determine areas of need

    Co-Chairs: Andria Alefhi and Diana Abayeva

    Committee Members:

    Questions? Contact

    Website Management
    The Website Management committee is responsible for updating and maintaining content on our website (, including our online registry of members. 

    Scope of work:

    The Website Management Committee is charged with the following tasks:

    • To update the website calendar to include all Chapter and community events, in coordination with the Communications Committee
    • To update the membership directory in connection with the Membership Committee and the Directors at Large
    • To maintain all website functions, edits, and updates
    • To offer website assistance to members upon request
    • To upload all material deemed necessary by the board of directors or membership, in accordance with our advertising policy 

    Webmaster: Andy Oh

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